Black WhatsApp APK Version Download in 2024

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Do you mostly use your mobile in the dark? If yes then for that you should install Black WhatsApp on your mobile. It provides you with other excellent features including custom font size. Apart from this, a chat bubble is also provided for you to chat at any time. It also provides you with more features. Details about it are given below.

WhatsApp Black Download Latest Version in 2024
Name AppWhatsApp Black
Android Requirement5.0 or above
App Versionv2.19.321
File size39 MB
updated 30-day Updates

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About black WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp Black APK is an APK version of the official WhatsApp that provides some additional features. It can also be implemented like the original version, meaning you can use two WhatsApp accounts on one device very easily without any root permission.

The best feature in this WhatsApp is the Black APK. What is provided to you, which is not provided to you in normal WhatsApp, this black feature of WhatsApp is great for the eyes. You can use it very easily in the dark, it doesn’t strain your eyes too much, so it’s a great APK version.

How to Install Black WhatsApp on Android Phone?

Installing WhatsApp Dark is not very difficult, you can install it very easily

  1. For this, first of all, you will find a link above and click on it to download the WhatsApp Black APK.
  2. After downloading, you have to go to the settings of your mobile, and from there, you have to enable these non-sources.
  3. After no-source is enabled, you have to click on the downloading file and click on the install button, which will install WhatsApp Black on your mobile.
  4. After installation, you have to open WhatsApp and enter your number so you can use WhatsApp.

Black Whatsapp APK Features

Hide Blue Tick:

Another great feature of this app is that you can hide the blue tick through this app. If you send your message to someone, you can give it. Whether your message has been seen by that person or not, and if someone sends you a message, you can hide their blue tick. Whether you have opened the message or not this is a great feature

Interface like the original:

If you talk about how the interface of this app will be, then let us tell you that its interface is similar to the original WhatsApp. You don’t need to worry about this at all. It is very easy to use, you will like it very much

Enhanced Security:

Another great feature is provided to you in this app. What you will love is an amazing and advanced security feature. Which is provided to you as one of the best features of this app.

Hide Last Seen:

This feature of WhatsApp provides you with basic features. In which you can hide your privacy. This feature is also provided in official WhatsApp but it is provided with some limitations. You can hide your last seen from others by when you were last online.

Final Word:

In this article, we have provided you details about WhatsApp Black which is the best APK version for WhatsApp Black users which allows users to turn off the dark function on their devices.

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