How To Share WhatsApp Location

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WhatsApp is one such application. which we use for communication. Whatsapp provides dozens of features to its users. sharing live location is one of the good features. This article is about detailed information on WhatsApp live location sharing. we welcome you to my website.

About Whatsapp

WhatsApp’s available feature live location sharing is a common feature. which many users can do easily. However, some users do not know about live location sharing and do not know of WhatsApp’s other settings. In this blog, I will try to share details about this. However, I Hope that you will read the complete post.

In WhatsApp two types of location-sharing options.

  1. Share live Location
  2. Send your current location

we will share a detailed guide about location-sharing information.

 1. Share Live Location

These features are commonly used in WhatsApp Many Users share live locations in WhatsApp participants or groups. besides that, we can share real-time locations for specific times. such as 20 minutes, 1 hour, and 10 hours. We can complete control of my Live location. you can stop your live location share with just one click. Once you do stop your live location so not accessible.

  • Open your WhatsApp from your app menu
  • Open your chat or group, with anyone, who wants to share your location.
  • click here for your chat pox. (bottom right corner)
  • After clicking the open icon box
  • click here to share the live location option
  • for share live location so select your specific time.
  • Send your live location.

2. Send your current location

this is the best location feature of WhatsApp. through these features, you can share your friends and relatives your current live location. In this option, there are no time limits. when you share your location one time. so it will not expire. you can share live current location in participants or groups too.

More details follow my some steps and process it.

  1. Open your WhatsApp from your smartphone menu
  2. Open your group or chat, where to share your live location.
  3. Click here icon box (bottom right corner)
  4. click here location option
  5. to send it to your location

FAQs (People also ask)

How do I share my location?

these features are available on WhatsApp. where you can share your live location with your friends & relatives etc.

How do I share my location on WhatsApp iPhone?

IPhone WhatsApp is available with these features. through this, you can easily share your current location with your friends. you can read the available article in complete detail above.


In this post, we try to complete information about the WhatsApp live location and how can share your friends and other people. I hope that my written article helps you to share live locations on WhatsApp. if my article for you helpful. However share my article with your friends, relatives, and another WhatsApp user.

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